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Fee-only financial planning services and investment advice to individuals and families

Client Resources

Links for You

Colleges & Financial Aid

College Board Online-The College Board Library
Student and parent information. College planning news, tools and resources.


403(b) Wise.com
One of two comprehensive 403 (b) web sites -- http://www.403bRetire.com and http://www.403bWise.com

Eldercare Information

Center for Eldercare Information
Eldercare, Senior Housing, Finance and Elder Law Directory.

Senior Law Home Page

Financial Planning

Access to your Financial Plan and the Finametrica Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Financial Planning Association (FPA)
Information about the Financial Planning Association and its members.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards
Information about Certified Financial Planner (CFP) practitioners and the financial planning profession, including what it takes to become a CFP and tips on how to select a financial advisor.

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)
Information about NAPFA and Fee-Only financial planners, including why choose a Fee-Only financial advisor.

Yahoo! Finance
Financial news and commentary on U.S. and world markets, plus investment, loan and insurance centers.

The Garrett Planning Network, Inc. (GPN)
A nationwide network of Fee-Only planners dedicated to serving people from all walks of life. GPN Members provide ’’Hourly, As-Needed Financial Planning and Advice for Everyday Life ... The New Choice for Smart Consumers™.’’

Government Agencies

Social Security Administration
News and how-to information on tax withholding, obtaining a replacement card or Statement of Earnings and Benefits, etc.

Market News

The Wall Street Journal’s online magazine of personal business. Information on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, the markets and more.


Internal Revenue Service
Tax forms, publications and information.

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