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Glenda Moehlenpah


Glenda K. Moehlenpah, CPA, CFP®, d/b/a Financial Bridges is Registered Investment Advisor located in Poway, California (in the San Diego area). Financial Bridges provides hourly, fee-only financial planning services and investment advice to individuals and families. Financial Bridges works solely for its clients: as fee-only advisors, potential conflicts of interest regarding compensation are reduced.

Financial Bridges works with people from all walks of life, by providing fee-only financial planning and advice for everyday life. Clients have the flexibility to engage the firm on either a one-time, as-needed or ongoing basis. Remember, you don’t have to have a fortune to start building one. Today is always the best time to get started. Whether you are building assets for the future - or seeking to protect, enjoy and pass on those you already have - Financial Bridges can help connect you to where you want to be.

''I believe that unbiased financial planning services should be accessible to everyone, which is the primary reason I founded Financial Bridges,'' says Glenda.

''To make financial planning services available to 'the rest of us' who may not already have a fortune, I have no asset minimums, no income requirements and do not accept assets under management. Also, because I work solely on an hourly basis for my clients, there are no third-party agendas to cloud my thinking. I maintain one focus, one mission: Empowering my clients with the information and advice they need to make sound financial decisions,'' she adds.

"Recognizing the far-reaching effects of the high cost of housing in the San Diego area, I offer cash flow/budgeting and debt management for some clients.  For other clients, I provide counsel on overall portfolio asset allocation, or specific investment recommendations. I see financial planning as a huge logic puzzle, and I happen to like working puzzles. If you need help in connecting the pieces of your financial puzzle, I'd be delighted to assist you," she concludes.

Flexible, needs-based services allow you to select the program that makes sense to you. One-time or periodic consultations (typically selected by the more self-directed investor or people in the earlier phases of wealth accumulation) or more in-depth services (typically selected by clients with a sizeable asset base) are provided at reasonable hourly rates. The choice is yours - just as much or as little advice as you need or desire.


  • Master of Science in Business Administration - Financial and Tax Planning, with Graduate Honors, San Diego State University

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Accounting, magna cum laude, Saint Louis University

  • Post graduate courses:  FPA Residency Program, NAPFA Basic Training, Garrett Planning Network


  • Financial Bridges, Poway, California

  • Dean Consulting & Associates, Rancho Bernardo, California

  • Avenue Advisors, LLC, San Diego, California

  • OmniQuip International, Inc., Port Washington, Wisconsin

  • Greenfield Industries, Inc., Augusta, Georgia

  • Harbour Group, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

  • Price Waterhouse, LLP, St. Louis, Missouri



  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed in Missouri and California


Garrett Planning Network

Founded in 2000, the Garrett Planning Network has grown into a national network of hundreds of hourly-based, Fee-Only financial planners. 




The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is proud to have a membership of financial planning professionals who are committed to the highest of professional standards and principles. Members strive to be the:

  • Standard Bearer for the Profession
  • Champion for the Public
  • Beacon for Objective Financial Advice



The mission of CalCPA is to increase the value and promote the integrity of the CPA profession; contribute to the success of our members; and strengthen client, employer, public and government trust in CalCPA member advice, work products and opinions.