What We Do


We understand that different stages in your life require a different plan that fits your specific needs. Some of these stages may include purchasing your first or second home, creating a spending plan, creating and preserving personal wealth, reducing the burden of debt or ensuring retirement income - we want to help you reach these stages successfully by having a plan.

Our services include:

  • Cash Flow / Debt Management Program

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning Strategies

  • College Funding Advice

  • Stock Option Advice

  • Lump Sum Distribution Advice

  • Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Insurance Needs Analysis

  • Second Opinion on Investments or Current Financial Plan

If your needs fit into one of these categories we hope you’ll explore the site and follow the steps for getting started.

How We Do It


Our services fall into two basic packages:

1) On-the-Spot Advice Session

This package is designed to address your most significant financial concerns quickly and in a cost effective way; It is ideal if you have one or two issues and want trusted advice. Since this is a limited scope engagement, it should not be considered as a replacement for detailed planning as typically, no written reports or additional follow-up are provided with this package.  

This package includes a 2-hour meeting where we will address your financial questions.  Since we probably won't be able to discuss all of your financial issues, you'll need to pick the most important items for us to focus on.  


The cost for a 2-hour On-the-Spot Advice Session is $625*.  

A Service Agreement and Detailed Confidential Questionnaire provided for your review after the Get Acquainted Teleconference, must be executed and returned at least 24 hours before our On-the-Spot Advice Session.

*Full payment is required at the beginning of the session.


2) Retirement Planning, College Funding and Investment Advice 

This package is rendered on an individual basis via hourly fees.  To get started, you need to complete the Confidential Questionnaire, then call or e-mail to schedule a free Get Acquainted Session.  Please note that Get Acquainted sessions do not provide ‘answers’ to your financial questions, but allow you to decide if we are a good fit for you.  These sessions generally last about one half hour.

If your needs fit into one of these two categories we hope you’ll explore the site and follow the steps for getting started.

Our Ideal Client


Is fee-only financial planning and investment advice the right fit for you?

 Financial Bridges may be the right place for you if you are a financial do-it-yourselfer. You may be a do-it-yourselfer if:

  • You would value having a relationship with an objective professional you bounce ideas off periodically, but don’t feel the need to pay someone to fill out forms, make phone calls, or otherwise attend to your financial affairs

  • You want to work with an independent, fee-only firm. Fee-only means we are compensated solely and directly by our clients. We receive no commissions or referral fees

  • You do not want or need a full-time money manager or financial planner, but you do need access to unbiased, professional advice on an occasional or periodic basis

Much like seeking expertise from your attorney - or even your dentist or family physician - clients seek out and schedule our financial planning expertise when they need it. Just like your dentist, we do recommend periodic check-ups, but you are in charge of calling back to schedule those meetings.


Here are some examples of the financial goals we have helped clients with: 

  • Purchase a home
  • Ensure retirement income
  • Create a workable spending plan
  • Minimize the effects of inflation
  • Create and preserve personal wealth
  • Reduce the risk of financially devastating events
  • Reduce the burden of taxes
  • Reduce the burden of debt

Seven Steps


Step 1: Initial Inquiry

Advisor Actions / Responsibilities

When you contact us, we'll provide a brief description of our services, methodology and fee structure. We'll direct you to our web site to help you learn more.  We'll schedule a "GA" or direct you to an On-the-Spot Advice Session after discovering which would best suit your needs.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

If our services appear to fit your needs, you may request our services by completing the Confidential Questionnaire and then calling or e-mailing to schedule an appointment.

Step 2: Get Acquainted Meeting or Teleconference

Advisor Actions / Responsibilities

The Get Acquainted Meeting or Teleconference is an opportunity for us to exchange information about your needs and objectives, and further discuss which of our services are right for you. We will also provide an estimated fee quote.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

We will give you a list of additional data or information which we will need to begin formulating your financial plan.  You will schedule the "Data Gathering" meeting (generally an hour).

Step 3: Data Gathering and Initial Preparation

Advisor Actions / Responsibilities

When we receive your information at the Data Gathering meeting, we will clarify the information that you bring and will begin to review and develop your financial plan. We prepare initial reports to discuss at our, if needed, Step 4 meeting.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

You gather the data requested, and complete your risk tolerance questionnaire. One-half of the estimated total fee is due at the time of the Data Gathering meeting.  If needed, we will schedule our Step 4 meeting.

If needed, Step 4: Interactive Goal Setting Meeting or Teleconference

Advisor Actions / Responsibilities

In this interactive meeting, we discuss and further clarify the information you have provided thus far. We continue to refine your financial goals and objectives.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

In this Interactive Goal Setting Meeting, you have another opportunity to clarify your current situation, financial goals and objectives. Come with any additional questions or concerns you may have.           

Step 5: Analysis and Plan Formulation

Advisor Actions / Responsibilities

We edit the initial information as needed and run additional scenarios if applicable. We conclude our research and analysis, and produce final reports for your personal financial plan. We add our observations and recommendations to the plan.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

You simply schedule a meeting or teleconference 4-6 weeks after you have provided the information needed from Step 3. The ball is in our court in the interim.

Step 6: Presentation of Your Financial Plan

Advisor Actions / Responsibilities

We present and review your personal financial plan. We discuss all reports and provide you with a written summary of our observations and specific recommendations.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

Congratulations! At this point, you will hold a personalized blueprint, custom designed to meet your financial goals. Full payment of the balance for actual fees incurred is due at the conclusion of your plan presentation meeting.         

Step 7: Plan Implementation and Follow Up

Advisor Actions / Responsibilities

If you need and desire our help with plan implementation and follow up, at the conclusion of Step 6 we will discuss what might be an appropriate ongoing plan with you. Periodic update meetings and reviews are also recommended.

Client Actions / Responsibilities

Proper implementation is crucial to reaching your financial goals. Whether you now implement and monitor the plan yourself, or engage us to provide a additional education regarding the implementation process, we urge prompt action.